You can create your own smart robot with solutions from YWY.

Providing insights into implementing work place productivity enhancements.

Enabling of business analytics opportunities for corporates.


YWY Technologies source for technological solutions to systematically enhance productivity for industrial end users in Southeast Asia. We work closely with various robotics manufacturers and AI developers to provide be-spoke solutions to serve our client’s needs.

While we focus on putting forward logistics flexibility and productivity offerings in intralogistics control and material flow management analysis, we also established partnerships with local partners in the region to provide localise support to meet the long-term technical needs and maintenance requirements of our end users.

Singapore Based

Wide range of industry experience with factories

Modular and scalable options for various productivity enhancements
One stop shop for various robotic solutions.


YWY actively source globally for both hardware and software robotic solutions to be implemented in small to medium size factories.

Delivery Products

Offering Cost effective delivery solutions with minimal change to existing factory layout requirements.

Inventory Count Products

Offering quick and effective stock counting and location identification of raw and inventory materials within the production site.
Cleaning Products

Offering comprehensive cleaning solutions across various flooring and operating environment

Bespoke Customizations

Supporting end user requirements for a more tailored configuration.

By Increasing uptime and ensuring network data availability, integrity, and confidentiality, we empower you to succeed by making the most of real-time OT data.

Click on the videos below for our main products
YWY-F3 at Factory
YWY-P1 at Factory
YWY-J40 at building
YWY-P3 at Factory
YWY-J40 at Hospital
YWY-H2 at Office