Support and Warranty
Given the positive impact that our robotic solutions will have on your team’s productivity, we strive to provide you the peace of mind when you integrate our robots into your business operations. To support the initial implementation in your premises, our technical team will be deployed to map the premises and setup the robot’s interface to fully integrate with your operations. Our experts will guide and recommend your team for changes in your current business procedures that will allow the robots to be better utilised to enhance productivity. You can then focus on improving the other aspects of your business competitiveness. Robots purchased are covered with a 1-year warranty with onsite technical support, with the possibility of extending the warranty up to 3 years as required. Our robots need to be maintained and updated to stay in the best condition. Below are some of the support and services provided to ensure a worry-free operation over the life cycle of your robots:
Enhances Management of Manpower Challenges
Increased Interaction Towards Increasing Service Quality
Happier and More Productive Team
Systematically Reduce Cost and Time Management

Business and Technical Support

While we craft our business solutions to meet the growing needs of our new customers with well season industry veterans, YWY continues to explore partnerships with local engineering and software development houses to provide localised support in terms of technical support and training for our clients.

Our Partners