Robot as a Service (Raas)

At YWY we offer our security, delivery and disinfection robot services on a subscription base to help you reduce time to benefit and be more flexible.

RaaS allows you to enjoy a state-of-the-art quality service and a seamless customer experience from setup to deployment and operations.

Your contract includes setup, training, maintenance, and software updates to make sure your YWY device is always at top performance at all-times.

  • Design Solutions
  • ID Design
  • OEM Outsourcing
Design Solutions

YWY Design Solutions has all necessary skills and expertise to get your product to market from brainstorming & concept development to engineering, product optimization, prototyping, testing & manufacturing.

ID Design

With full-scale drafting capabilities, we can take handmade sketches, photographs, PDFs, or other 2D drawings and convert them to 3D CAD files, color renderings, technical robot drawings, and more.
OEM Outsourcing

We can take over the tasks of manufacturing, product inspection and testing and supply chain management from contract manufacturers of original equipment. We are also able to cope with changing requirements and quickly adapt production capacity to project specifications and respond flexibly to changes in the materials market and changes in demand for OEM products.