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The traditional logistics systems of manufacturers are inflexible to change production lines and production capacity. Low efficiency and insufficient storage area also hinder the business growth. YWY

offers smart logistic solutions for factories to improve automation, intelligence and flexibility while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Fulfil your growing demand with our flexible and scalable robot

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MRO Delivery Expertise

YWY has extensive experience in logistic management and operations across a range of Aviation industry, with our robotics and artificial intelligence technologies, we make it easy for you to deploy and automate your manual process within a short time for MRO delivery.

MRO Challenge

* Large losses caused by changes in production line
* Inflexible production capacity
* Labor costs waste for delivering parts
* Low warehouse operational efficiency
* High error rate
YWY Solution

* Quickly adjust layout, switch logistics circulation, adapt product changes
* Flexible and Smart production system supports large-scale operation that’s highly customizable and efficient
* Achieve unmanned distribution with robots, define routes depending on products and ensure accurate materials distribution when modifying production lines
* Reduce work-in-process inventory, quickly adjust distribution frequency in response to market changes
* Independent processes enables quick deliveries to repair desk, and enhance repair efficiency